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Study Explores Maintenance and Equipment Buying at Fleets

Fleets Answer the Question, 'How's Business?'

June 2016,

August 13, 2015
Trucking companies are planning to add trailers and capacity as the driver shortage continues, according to a new survey. About 70% of those surveyed plan to expand capacity by buying trailers, the highest level since 2007, according to CK Commercial Vehicle Research's most recent Fleet Sentiment Report. "This survey has been a good predictor of future orders" of trailers because it polls both large and small fleets as well as both public and private operators” said Karen Ubelhart, a Bloomberg News Intelligence analyst.
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CKCVR 2017 Fleet Productivity Gains/Losses Report

CKCVR began a study in March 2017 to look at how fleets gain and lose productivity through operations, technology, maintenance practices and other changes they either have control over or they don’t (regulations, emissions, etc.). 

2016 CKCVR/FTR Fleet Usage Report

CKCVR and FTR partnered to combine results from an extensive fleet survey with FTR’s data and analytic skills to produce a report covering fleet equipment usage along with maintenance and replacement part purchase activity.

Fleet Sentiment Report. Quarterly newsletter reporting buying plans, spec’ing choices and views from our fleet advisors on current industry issues. Includes in-depth fleet interview. Available to subscribers.


About Us

CK Commercial Vehicle Research conducts an array of surveys and projects designed to gather information for those interested in the truck industry.

We’ve worked in this industry for over 30 years and know how difficult it can be to collect important information from end users or to gather data that can be useful to making important decisions.

Some of the projects we routinely complete cover:

- End user (fleet) surveys (proprietary as well as industry)
- Size of market research
- General commercial vehicle industry information gathering
- Brand awareness and customer satisfaction studies

Other specialized projects – if you want to know something about the commercial vehicle industry, we can likely help you.  If we can’t, we’ll steer to you someone who can.

Our Fleet Sentiment Report offers readers a view from fleets who purchase and specify new trucks and trailers. Our readers learn about industry trends well before they appear in industry publications.  For instance, we have been reporting about the critical driver shortage and how it is affecting fleets for more than (4) years Please access a sample copy to see what it includes – it’s unique to the commercial vehicle industry, there is no reporting like it.  

~ Well respected by the media, suppliers and fleet managers

~ Small efficient organization

~ Active industry participant

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Established in 1999 as a PR/Marketing firm working exclusively in the heavy truck industry

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