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To be a part of our Fleet Advisors;


Since I first spoke with CKCVR many years ago I have been glad to help with their surveys. It is very helpful to have them ask questions to fleets of various sizes, because it’s always beneficial to see how other fleets deal with the day to day issues of fleet maintenance. Not only does CKCVR ask questions that we have ourselves, but on occasion we are able to help out other fleets with how we have addressed a particular problem. It always amazes me to read the unique solutions that people come up with in this ever changing industry. I have also been able to use CKCVR survey’s to show service representatives that when they say “hmmm, you’re the only company I’ve ever heard of with that problem” that that is simply not the case. Thanks for what you do for our industry Chris.
James Husted
Director of Maintenance
Garner Transportation Group

I’ve been participating in CKCVR surveys since they first started six years ago, and I actually enjoy answering them. Their survey format is easy to navigate which means I can complete them without wasting time. And… they know me so I don’t have to keep describing our fleet every time. Chris has been around the industry for a lot of years so the questions make sense to a fleet guy like me. A lot of research companies don’t know the industry or their respondents and don’t give me any feedback after I’ve completed their surveys. CKCVR always sends a well written report to everyone who participates so I get useful information in return.”
Carl Tapp

formerly Vice President Maintenance
P.A.M Transport, Inc.


Fleet Advisors

One of the unique ways CKCVR conducts research is to survey a committed group of fleet advisors who regularly participate. This group represents a wide range of fleet operations including small, medium and large for-hire, private and government fleets. They are, in large part, the people who drive the industry. Our fleet advisors make the decisions about what medium and heavy equipment to buy, how to spec it and how to maintain it. Their plans for equipment and their opinions matter to companies supplying the trucking industry with products and services.

We know who responds to our research questions

We get reliable responses from fleet decision makers

Our research targets fleets operating significant numbers of vehicles (not one or two  trucks just to increase number of participants)
We can match responses to type/size of fleet to identify trends depending upon certain demographics

Very short turnaround time

Significant verbatim responses

Approximately 120 Fleet Advisors representing a wide range of fleet operations currently participate regularly in CKCVR industry research. Industry and proprietary research projects typically receive a 50-60% response rate from this group.

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