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Impact of Driver Shortage on Shippers
Driver Availability and Equipment Purchases
Is disc brake MANDATE on the horizon for heavy trucks?



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CKCVR does a good job getting information directly from truck fleets about their short term equipment buying plans and their current operating environment. We use the information ourselves to help us understand how individual fleet circumstances fit into total macro freight and economically driven demand calculations. The Fleet Sentiment Report can be an excellent supplemental forecasting tool for anyone interested in where the commercial vehicle industry is headed."

-Eric Starks, President FTR

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Fleet Sentiment

Fleet Sentiment

The quarterly Fleet Sentiment Report is an important supplement to available industry statistics and opinion because it reports directly from commercial truck fleet operators. 

The survey asks fleet decision makers about their equipment purchase plans, the overall environment at their fleet and their opinions about current industry issues.  This information gives our subscribers some real context to the actual sales and build numbers forecasted and reported by others. And, it gives valuable insight into what’s happening “on the ground” and how fleets may approach new technologies and other disruptive developments sure to affect the commercial vehicle industry. 

It’s likely you can’t find the same type of first-hand reporting anywhere else.  

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