Our research is conducted with a group of Fleet Advisors who represent small, medium and large for-hire, private and government fleets. The median fleet size for our regular participants is 500 medium and heavy duty trucks and trailers. Research includes:

  • We conduct quarterly Fleet Sentiment research to understand short-term buying plans for power units and trailers as well as other industry issues likely to affect equipment and component demand. The results of this research are reported in the Fleet Sentiment Report
  • Our Annual Fleet Study conducted in the fall of each year covers a wide range of topics of interest to trucking industry participants. In October 2009, we received information from our Fleet Advisors about current vehicle characteristics, 2010 equipment buying plans, new technology choices for engines and braking, maintenance and replacement part buying preferences and other issues important to fleets such as supplier warranties and how suppliers can help them meet current challenges.
  • Best Practice Studies are conducted regularly on behalf of our Fleet Advisors based on questions they submit.
  • Proprietary research studies for industry manufacturers, suppliers and others interested in knowing the opinions of fleet decisions makers about current products and services, new technology ideas, equipment purchases and maintenance practices. Because of the pull-through ability of fleet managers to affect the type and brand of products that are available on tractors and trailers, it is important for all suppliers to know what the fleet buyer wants on new equipment and for replacement parts. Fleets also control the maintenance of trucks and trailers and decide where that service will be performed. Turn-around time for our proprietary studies can be as short as a week because we have already established the communication link with fleet decision makers.

Whatever your needs are in the way of better understanding the fleets that operate medium and heavy duty vehicles, we are confident that our research studies will be an important tool for you. Please send us an email if you are interested in our fleet research or have a specific project where our capabilities might be helpful

If you are a fleet representative and would like to access past Best Practice Reports, you can view them here.

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